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Transparent social impact

Alice is a platform that brings transparency
to social funding through blockchain technology

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The social funding model
is broken


Wasted money

Millions of dollars in social funding are wasted every year on ineffective social projects.


Lack of trust

This lack of transparency has made people lose trust in the system, making social funding stagnant.


Lost potential

Small but effective social projects often struggle to scale because they don't have enough visibility.

why alice?

Alice brings transparency to social funding

Alice is a social funding and impact management platform built on the Ethereum blockchain.

We incentivise social organisations (charities, NGOs, social enterprises) to run projects transparently, by making sure that they get paid more when they achieve their goals.

The performance of each project is publicly available, making it easier for funders (philanthropic organisations, impact investors, small donors) to identify and help scale social projects that actually work.

Shared impact data also helps reduce due diligence and reporting costs, and helps social organisations collaborate more effectively.

Join us to help eradicate the problems that these social projects are tackling.


Alice applications

Transparent donations

Alice’s first live application creates trust by showing donors exactly what impact their money makes. It also automatically gives projects more if they achieve their goals.

Impact investing

Alice dramatically reduces transaction costs for impact investors, thanks to cheap & reliable due diligence, automated payments and a native secondary market.

Impact management

Alice decentralises the evaluation, monitoring and reporting of impact. This reduces administrative costs while making it easier to compare and benchmark projects.

Grants DAO

Part of Alice's revenue is redistributed as grants to help social organisations launch high quality projects on the platform. Users vote to decide how.


White & light papers

White paper

Our white paper presents the problems we're solving, how our platform works and its technical architecture.

Light paper

A short summary of our white paper.


Check out our smart contracts on Github.


Transparent appeals

Our first live application is a donation platform that shows donors exactly what impact their money makes. Have a look at our first pilot below helping 15 rough sleepers in London.


Development Partners


Funders & Financial Partners

our team

Founding team

Raphaël and Areti studied together at the London School of Economics and met Jakub at a hackathon in London. They founded Alice in April 2016.


Raphaël Mazet

Business development & charity tech expert. Formerly COO of CliqStart. Ex Brazil head at Speyside corporate relations.


Areti Kampyli

Design & UX expert. Founder & CEO of two previous startups. Formerly a digital advertising consultant.


Jakub Wojciechowski

Ten years experience as a developer in the financial sector. Formerly CEO of Open Reference (blockchain screening).

our advisory board

Advisory board

We’ve created an advisory board of thought leaders from the impact investing, blockchain and philanthropy sectors that will help us shape the future of social funding. 

Karl Hoods

CIO @ Save the children

Charity blockchain expert. Also a technology advisor to smaller charities and board member at the Harris Federation.

Vanessa Grellet

Executive director @ Consensys

Heads the blockchain for social impact coalition at ConsenSys. Board member of several impact investment funds.

Amanda Feldman

Director @ The impact management project & Bridges IMPACT+

Specialist in impactful innovation and investment strategy. Trustee at Future First Global. Former advisory lead at Volans.

William Knottenbelt

Professor @
Imperial college London

Director of the Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research. Professor of Applied Quantitative Analysis.

Christoph Jentzsch

Founder @ CharityDAO

Software engineer with deep expertise in DAO governance. Also lead tester of the Ethereum protocol and CTO at

Michael Mapstone

director of international @ CAF

Leads the Charities Aid Foundation's international work. Former Head of private sector engagement at VSO. 

Lawrence Lundy


Recognised decentralisation and crypto-economics researcher. Member of TechUK DLT and IET Blockchain Working Groups.

Diego Litjmaer


Blockchain investor and advisor. Marketing specialist. Business Development Director at Just Eat.

Ken Moriyama


Impact investor. Visiting Fellow of Practice at Oxford University. Research Fellow at Good Money Lab.

Tom Bird


Former Director of B Lab, MD of Sonen Capital and Board Chair of the Global Giving Foundation.


Events we're speaking at


Community Channels

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Get in touch to start a fundraising appeal for your charity project, or give us your feedback and share your thoughts on our vision.

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