Alice powers the social finance ecosystem

  • Scalable Project Finance

  • Automated impact tracking

  • Transparent donations

  • Tradeable impact investments

  • Beneficiary accountability tools

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Impact Tracking

Fund social projects and track what they achieve with your money.

Fund projects
Impact Markets

Create fully transparent and decentralized impact investment markets.

Create markets

Technical innovations


The blockchain search engine for humans: visualise smart contract data in real-time with simple graphs.

Etheroscope on our Github
Sensor TRX

Automated impact validation: use IoT, NFC and API oracles to verify the completion of impact goals.

Sensor TRX on our Github

Contactless wallets used for micro-incentive programs in environments that lack connectivity.

Tappy on our Github
Beneficiary predictions

Mobile app allowing beneficiaries to feed back on the effectiveness of impact projects.

Predictions on our Github
Impact Delivery Agreements

Powerful financial primitive that allows the transfer of future impact payments. Powers v2 of our protocol.

Alice v2 on our Github

Smart legal contracting tool that automates the deployment of compliant blockchain services.

DeLAMP on our Github

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